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Our Team

Tom Humphrey


Tom Humphrey, P.E. president and founder of Helix and inventor (2 patents) of the Helix card technology. He has been a Professional Electrical engineer in private practice for over 30 years, Mr.Humphrey has served as chairman of the board of Alaska Commercial Company – a multimillion dollar statewide grocery and general store. He has also served as chairmen of Chugach Electric Association, Alaska’s largest utility.


Vice President

Thomas J. Humphrey is a graduate from the University of Nevada, Reno where he obtained his M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering. He specializes in computer architecture design, power electronics, and software engineering. Through his varied resear

Keith Humphrey

Chief Software Architect

Keith Humphrey has been a professional computer programmer since 1998. Specializing in both Java for Android, and Microsoft .NET, he brings considerable and seasoned expertise to the table with the development of the Helix app, and the corresponding consumer website.

Angelo R. Quattrociocchi

Electrical Engineer

Angelo is a Professional Electrical Engineer specializing in embedded systems design, with over 15 years experience and nine patents in the automation field. He currently provides engineering consulting services, and has been involved with the Helix project since 2011, developing PCB designs and microcontroller firmware.

Joel Huang

Electrical Engineer

Joel became a novice analog designer in 2011 after a career in digital semiconductor product development. He currently works as an application engineer in a small manufacturer of DC-DC converters. He has contributed to Helix analog design since mid-2012 and he performed debug of the first prototype for a Spring, 2013 public demo.

Tom Pennaz

President/FounderFabrication Expert

Tom Pennaz is a printed electronics pioneer who holds 10 U.S. patents and has designed, developed and scaled new technologies and processes to the billions of units. Mr. Pennaz led research, development and initial commercialization of electrochromic ink display technology at Dow Chemical (NYSE: DOW), co-founding the spinoff Aveso (Gemalto). Mr. Pennaz also led product development at Bemis (NYSE: BMS), where he developed the battery “tester label” for Energizer and scaled production to 3 billion units per month, and process development at Deluxe Corporation (NYSE: DLX).

Derrick Koch

President/FounderSales Specialist

Derrick joins us with 10 years in software and technology sales, and is excited to branch out to more cutting edge products.