• The First Unified Card that Simplifies and Secures Your Spending

    Meet Helix Secure. The first card that will rid you of the hassle and risk of storing all of your cards in your wallet by securely issuing one-time-use card numbers every time you spend making theft impossible. The most secure card around? We think so.

What does Helix do?

Secures Your Spending

The Helix Secure card allows users to create one-time-use prepaid virtual card numbers (VCN) on-the-fly, to be spent online or in physical stores. Virtual card numbers are the most secure method of payment as they are randomly generated numbers, made specifically for one time use. Since the number is a one time use number, if it is stolen then the thief will not be able to the use it. This is a perfect solution for travelers or anyone who wants to be sure they are being as safe as they can with their finances.

Makes Bitcoin Practical

Virtual card numbers also bring new possibilities for Bitcoin owners. For those who own cryptocurrencies, these virtual card numbers can be funded through linking these alternative currencies like Bitcoin. By being able to convert Bitcoin into a spendable prepaid virtual card number, Helix Secure gives Bitcoin-ers the ability to spend anywhere while maintaining their anonymity and security.

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How does Helix work?

Helix works by the pairing of the mobile application with the Helix card. The patented universal Helix card enables magnetic stripe data to be dynamically changed through the Helix application. This enables any virtual card number stored in the Helix application to be sent to the Helix card to be used. It’s quick, secure, and easy.

Never worry about fraud.

Security is the number one reason stopping consumers from adopting the use of mobile payments. Virtual card numbers (VCN) are the most secure method of payment. Each VCN is a randomly generated number, which can only be used one time. By using VCNs, theft is minimized by using card numbers that aren’t your real one.

A real world solution for Bitcoiners.

There are many benefits to owning cryptocurrencies, but one problem has always existed – making use of them offline in brick and mortar stores. The capability of the Helix card to use VCNs (virtual card numbers) makes this possible by funding the VCN with your Bitcoin account and then using the Helix like any other card in the stores you already love. Want to buy a coffee with your Bitcoins? No problem.

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